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sleepy sloth society



The Sleepy Sloth Society is an NFT project composed of 2222 Sleepy Sloth characters. Each one of them being unique and randomly generated from more than 300+ traits. The purpose of the Society was to create a one of a kind hub that mixed a unique form of art, cryptonomics and creativity. It’s a place where holders can interact together and participate in the development of the project. It is truly important for us to maintain this cozy, sleepy atmosphere. Our goal is to create a sustainable environment for our ecosystem, to keep growing and thriving on Web3 technology.

We chose sloths as a representation of the modern “crypto degen”. Crypto degens, and digital citizens in general, have become accustomed to the modern world of sitting behind the computer for hours while being hunched over, dehydrated and tired. The Sloths in our collections are also an ode and symbol of crypto degens given that all that the Sloths want to do is trade, have fun and sleep. Their poor hunched backed posture in our collection further proves that point.

Our first idea when creating the Society was to bridge culture and cryptonomics together in a synergistic manner. We aim to create a sense of community amongst owners. We strive to offer long-term utility in multi-faceted ways for our holders to explore all opportunities in Web3. Sloths are sleepy but never tired, they climb and work together. The team of the Sleepy Sloth Society is looking to implement and expand on many different areas throughout our journey.

The Outcasts represent the misfits of the Society. Throughout Hiro’s story, elements of nature mix with a bit of the degens minds and “the Outcasts” were created. Outcasts can be minted at any time by redeeming one of the four evolution passes, using the signature NFT reservation system developed by Zzz Labs.

There is a max supply of 5000 editions and once you burn your pass it can not be redeemed again. Outcasts of the Society represent Volume 2 of the Sleepy Sloths Society through their highly detailed and mutated appearance (read “The Fable of the Society” for context). Inspired by the elements and degenology, Zzz Labs is proud to present a collection of up to 5000 unique pieces, unlocking additional benefits within the Sleepy Sloth Society ecosystem. Creative. Provocative. Unique.

Yes, as a holder of Sleepy Sloth Society you own 100% commercial rights to your Sloth or Outcast. Just not our logo. Visit the licensing section in our whitepaper for more information.

We have actually sold-out, but you can become a member by purchasing a Sloth on the secondary market (Opensea, LooksRare). Sleepy Sloths are the Tier 1 of our ecosystem. You can also participate in the Outcasts of the Society drop which will be the Tier 2. Read our whitepaper to learn more about both collections.